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Quinyx's Differentials


Quinyx believes in innovation as his primal strategy to offer products and solutions appropriated to his customers and to social development.


In each version of his products and new releases, Quinyx focus on quality. What becomes in always look forward on his customer’s needs and to guarantee high level productivity.


To guarantee quality and productivity, Quinyx uses technology as his partner. We always work with the highest and newest technology in conceiving our products and solutions, as in, the company management.


In the endless quest for advanced solutions and which brings better results to our customers, Quinyx is in a unremitting self grow. Always ahead of the market for being a proactive company, but always caring about sustainability and ecological impacts.

CEO's think
“Quinyx works with high technology in Scanners production even small, medium or large scanners. We are prepare to offer our customers the market best product in cost-benefit.”
CEO, Quinyx Inc.
Why Quinix?
Our processes and products are internationally certified by the major institutes on the world. We act with some certificates: IEC, CCF, ROhS, and ISO. For that, you can be sure in your high level products, with high performance and suitable to the highest regulations and standards.
Our Customers and Partners are Fundamentals for Quinyx growing. That’s why, you got our full attention.
In those countries where Quinyx works, we keep the best team of engineers and technicians to provide full support to our customers. We guarantee all products and solutions developed by us.